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P Force Extra Super
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P Force Extra Super

What is this Super p force 160mg drug?

Here, sildenafil duloxetine is an effective solution for your treatment in premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. In Super p force 160mg, the component Sildenafil Citrate contains the inhibitor called phosphodiesterase (PDE), which will act on the decreasing blood flow in your penile region by making the penis hard and stiff during the intercourse. The other component Dapoxetine belongs to the group of medicines named as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, which is used to treat premature ejaculation of men. It allows the male to have a longer time in the love-act by delaying their action.

Dosage of Super p force 160mg Drug:

The medicine is strictly for the adult persons. It is generally given one capsule of sildenafil citrate duloxetine per day as a dose. For your proper dosage, you should consult a doctor before starting the course. If you are taking sleeping pills, anti-depressant or heart-related medicines must consult with a doctor for taking Super p force 160mg. As the drug generally found in sustained release form, it will assist you a long time.

What is its use?

The medication Super p force 160mg has proved itself as an effective drug to male impotence. By giving a complete sexual satisfaction, the medicine will help you to cure your premature ejaculation. The component viagra with duloxetine will motivate you in intercourse by relaxing the blood vessels in your penile region. By increasing your sexual desire, the medication will provide you an active hard-on to reach your climax. As the medication lasts more than 6 hours, here you find a solution to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Side effects of Consumption of Super p force 160mg:

Almost all the medicines which are found in the market have some side-effects with their remedial actions. Super p force 160mg is also not out of it. The patients of high blood pressure or hypertension must consult with their doctor before starting the course. Because, the drug has a tendency to create sudden ups and downs of your blood pressure.

Nausea, vomiting, arm and shoulder cramp have also experienced by most of the patients. All the ingredients of the drug are not totally justified to be as erectile dysfunction treating element. Agitation, anxiety, fatigue, skin rash are some of its common side-effects. Though the shipment of the drug is free worldwide, still its cost is slightly expensive than the other ED pills. As the actions of Super p force 160mg lasts more than 6 hours, so sometimes such prolonged erection may appear to you irritating.

Warnings Associated with Super p force 160mg:

All the patients who are suffering from premature ejaculation can’t be at the same health condition. So, besides the side-effects, some warnings related to the medicine. The main component of sildenafil citrate and duloxetine, which can create dizziness along with vertigo and fainting. So, while standing up from anywhere or wake up from the bed, especially in the morning, step on carefully for the first minute.

Heart-related problems may appear to a risky condition with the effect of Dapoxetine. Tentative effects may be cerebral stroke or heart attack. Hence, if your doctor prescribes, take the other drug of male impotence. Elder persons may appear more sensitive to the medicine. So, they should consult the doctor for their proper dosage. Super p force 160mg does not do any effect on birth control. So, use proper contraceptive if your partner doesn’t want to be pregnant

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